I adore senior sessions. Laid back, calm evenings snapping away. Martha’s was no different.

Do you recognize this beach? It’s definitely the same beach from the family session in the last post. I love this beach. It’s stunning for photos, the light is so dreamy. I’ve shot here in the morning, mid day, and evening, and it never fails. I will forever be coming here!

One request Martha had for her senior session was to take some on the golf course. If you don’t know, Martha is a fantastic golfer. She made it through the beach and dock photos, but she was thriving on the course. It was so fun to follow her around and play paparazzi for a while. Not to mention we caught some incredible sunset light that I’m amazed by.

I love personalizing senior sessions. I mean, isn’t that how it should be? Showing their personalities and interests. I know I’m all for it.


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